Series editors: Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, and Gerd Folkers

Published Volumes

1 QSAR: Hansch Analysis and Related Approaches (out of print)
by Hugo Kubinyi

2 Chemometric Methods in Molecular Design (out of print)
by Han van de Waterbeemd

3 Adv. Computer-Assisted Techniques in Drug Discovery (out of print)
by Han van de Waterbeemd

4 Lipophilicity in Drug Action and Toxicology (out of print)
by Vladimir Pliska, Bernard Testa, and Han van de Waterbeemd

5 Molecular Modeling: Basic Principles and Applications (out of print)
by Hans-Dieter Höltje and Gerd Folkers

6 Structure-based Ligand Design
by Klaus Gubernator and Hans-Joachim Böhm

7 New Trends in Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry (out of print)
by Fulvio Gualtieri

8 Evolutionary Algorithms in Molecular Design
by David E. Clark

9 Combinatorial Chemistry – A Practical Approach
by Willi Bannwarth and Eduard Felder

10 Virtual Screening for Bioactive Molecules (out of print)
by Hans-Joachim Böhm and Gisbert Schneider

11 Handbook of Molecular Descriptors
by Roberto Todeschini and Viviana Consonni

12 Drug Targeting: Organ Specific Strategies
by Grietje Molema and Dirk K.F. Meijer

13 Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Design
by Dennis Smith, Han van de Waterbeemd and Don K. Walker

14 Bioinformatics - From Genomes to Drugs, Parts 1 and 2
by Thomas Lengauer

15 Drug - Membrane Interactions - Analysis, Drug Distribution, Modeling
by Joachim K. Seydel and Michael Wiese

16 BioNMR in Drug – Research
by Oliver Zerbe

17 Quantum Chemical Methods in Medicinal Chemistry
by Paolo Carloni and Frank Alber

18 Drug Bioavailability: Estimation of Solubility, Permeability, and Absorption
by Han van de Waterbeemd, Hans Lennernäs, and Per Artursson

19 Protein-Ligand Interactions
by Hans-Joachim Böhm and Gisbert Schneider

20 Protein Crystallography in Drug Design
by Robert E. Babine and Sherin S. Abdel-Meguid

21 Molecular Biology in Medicinal Chemistry
by Theodor Dingermann, Dieter Steinhilber and Gerd Folkers

22 Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery
by Hugo Kubinyi and Gerhard Müller

23 Chemoinformatics in Drug Discovery
by Tudor Oprea

24 G-Protein-Coupled Receptors as Drug Targets
by Roland Seifert and Thomas Wieland

25 Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
by C. Oliver Kappe and Alexander Stadler

26 Combinatorial Chemistry - From Theory to Application, 2nd edition
by Willi Bannwarth and Berthold Hinzen

27 Molecular Interaction Fields
by Gabriele Cruciani

28 Proteomics in Drug Design
by Michael Hamacher, Katrin Marcus, Kai Stühler, Andre van Hall, Bettina Warscheid, and Helmut E. Meyer

29 Voltage - gated Ion Channels
by David Triggle, Murali Gopalakrishnan, David Rampe, and Wei Zheng

30 GPCR Modelling and Ligand Design
by Didier Rognan

31 Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Research, 2nd edition
by Dennis Smith, Han van de Waterbeemd and Don K. Walker

32 Fragment-based Approaches in Drug Discovery
by Wolfgang Jahnke and Daniel E. Erlanson

33 Chirality in Drug Research
by Eric Francotte and Wolfgang Lindner

34 Pharmacophores and Pharmacophore Searches
by Thierry Langer and Remy Hoffmann

35 High - Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery
by Jörg Hüser

36 Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery
by Klaus Wanner and Georg Höfner

37 Molecular Drug Properties - Measurement and Prediction
by Raimund Mannhold

38 Antitargets - Prediction and Prevention of Drug Side Effects
by Roy Vaz and Thomas Klabunde

39 Nuclear Receptors as Drug Targets
by Eckhard Ottow and Hilmar Weinmann

40 Drug Bioavailability, 2nd Edition
by Han van de Waterbeemd and BernardTesta

41 Handbook of Molecular Descriptors, 2nd Edition
by Roberto Todeschini and Viviana Consonni

42 Epigenetic Targets in Drug Discovery
by Wolfgang Sippl and Manfred Jung

43 Hit and Lead Profiling
by Bernard Faller and Laszlo Urban

44 Transporters as Drug Carriers
by Gerhard F. Ecker and Peter Chiba

45 Aspartyl Proteases as Therapeutic Targets
by Arun Ghosh

46 Chemokine Receptors as Drug Targets
by Martine Smit, Sergio Lira, and Rob Leurs

47 Prodrugs and Targeted Delivery
by Jarkko Rautio

48 Virtual Screening
by Christoph Sotriffer

49 Protein Kinases as Drug Targets
by Bert Klebl, Gerhard Müller, and Michael Hamacher

50 Antiviral Drug Strategies
by Erik de Clercq

51 Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Design
by DennisSmith, Charlotte Allerton, Amit Kalgutkar, Han van de Waterbeemd, and Don K Walker

52 Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
by Oliver Kappe, Alexander Stadler, and Doris Dallinger

53 Protein-Ligand Interactions
by Holger Gohlke

54 Bioisosteres in Medicinal Chemistry
by Nathan Brown

55 Reactive Drug Metabolites
by Amit Kalgutkar, Deepak Dalvie, Scott Obach, and Dennis Smith

56 Protein-Protein Interactions in Drug Discovery
by Alexander Dömling


57 Data Mining in Drug Discovery

by Remy Hoffmann, Arnaud Gohier, and Pavel Pospisil


58 Scaffold Hopping in Medicinal Chemistry

by Nathan Brown


59 Medicinal Chemistry Approaches in Personalized Medicine

by Karen Lackey and Bruce Roth


60 Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry

by Stephen Hanessian


61 Phosphodiesterases and Their Inhibitors

by Spiros Liras and Andrew Bell


62 In vivo Models for Drug Discovery

by Jose Miguel Vela, Rafael Maldonado, and Michel Hamon


63 Drug Metabolism Prediction

by Johannes Kirchmair


64 Predictive Toxicology

by Friedlieb Pfannkuch and Laura Suter-Dick


65 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Drug Binding

by György M. Keserü and David C. Swinney


66 Antitargets and Drug Safety

by Laszlo Urban, Vinod Patel, and Roy J. Vaz


67 Fragment-based Drug Discovery

by Daniel A. Erlanson and Wolfgang Jahnke


68 Lead Generation

by Jörg Holenz


69 Animal Models for Human Cancer

by Marianne I. Martic-Kehl, and P. August Schubiger